This afternoon, I’m having brain and spinal cord MRI’S, with and without gadolinium contrast. My neurologist wants me to have baseline MRI’S at the beginning of taking Vumerity.

This morning, I took my first full dose of Vumerity. For the past week, I was taking only the starting dose, which is only one-half of the full dose. So far, I’ve only developed mild flushing with this new MS-modifying medication. I haven’t taken a baby aspirin, before taking Vumerity, to lessen this expected symptom.

Yesterday, I was asked if I had any troubling symptoms that could possibly be linked to the coronavirus, prior to entering the nursing home where I provide psychological services. Some health care providers were wearing masks.

I know that I am more vulnerable to contracting this virus, given that I am currently taking immunosuppressant medication. I really hope that the coronavirus doesn’t affect the two nursing homes where I work. The residents there are extremely fragile.

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