Like Mother, Like Daughter

My daughter and I have both lived with chronic medical conditions for decades.

Earlier this morning, my daughter called me because she needed a ride to an urgent care center. She hurt her foot last evening, simply by walking down a flight of stairs. I had been scheduled to work today, but it was far more important to help her.

We drove to an urgent care center. We found out that she sustained a fifth metatarsal fracture. She’s in a lot of pain. Surprisingly, she never fell, nor injured her foot. Given that she has been taking prednisone for several years, she’s been at a higher risk for sustaining a fracture.

Many years ago, the very same thing happened to me. I had been receiving high doses of intravenous steroids, for very aggressive MS relapses. One morning, I slipped and fell on a small puddle of water on my kitchen floor. I sustained a Colles’ fracture in my wrist.

There are many direct consequences of living with chronic illness, of course. It’s important to remember that chronic illnesses can also result in the development of secondary health problems.

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