Multiple Challenges

Today has certainly been rather challenging so far. I definitely walked more slowly from the parking lot, to my classroom, this morning, due to my increased shortness of breath.

I had intended to go over a chapter of Power Points, plus play a game of Kahoot!, to review for next week’s second examination. Unfortunately, none of the audiovisual equipment was working in my classroom today. I called for assistance, but they weren’t able to resolve the issue.

Consequently, I was able to go over all of the answers for my students’ first examination. Reading all fifty multiple-choice questions was not at all easy, due to my increased airway issues. I also gave my students a fill-in-the-blank exercise, to review the biological psychology lecture that they missed last week, due to the stormy weather.

Driving back home today, I noticed that my face was turning bright red. Flushing is a common side effect of taking Vumerity, after all.

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