Aggressive Throat-clearing

This morning, I’m really struggling with aggressive throat-clearing. This always precedes increased shortness of breath.

Therefore, I face a difficult question. Do I phone my local ENT, to schedule my twentieth throat surgery? Alternatively, do I phone the Cleveland Clinic, to see how soon I might be able to consult with Dr. Lorenz about scheduling another dilatation?

I still have two more months of teaching my Advanced Placement high school students. Plus, I have commitments in two nursing homes.

Dealing with symptoms of chronic illness is never convenient. Based upon my extensive personal history of subglottic stenosis, I’m well aware that my symptoms will only get worse from this point forward.

Do I choose to pursue more immediate relief, by having surgery locally? Doing so, of course, will only delay my eventual reception of a tracheal re-section at the Cleveland Clinic.

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