Addressing Residents’ Full Range of Concerns

I’m working today at a nursing home. In doing so, I encounter multiple other healthcare providers who interact with the residents on my caseload.

For example, I observed a physical therapist performing passive range of motion exercises with a resident who recently sustained a severe stroke. I saw this resident’s nurse check her blood sugar, and subsequently administer an insulin injection.

Of course, all of these medical modalities are very important for residents’ well-being. I couldn’t help but think, however, of just how severely depressed this same resident is. She no longer wants to get out of bed. She’s incredibly frustrated by her stroke-induced expressive aphasia.

I’m very thankful to have received the training to be employed as a clinical health psychologist. This profession perfectly merges my dual interests in psychology and medicine.

After work today, I took my very first dose of Vumerity. I certainly hope that this is a medication that I am able to tolerate for the management of my relapsing-remitting MS.

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