Multiple Health Challenges

Today, I’ve been dealing with multiple health challenges. I’ve found myself very easily short of breath, with minimal exertion. I’ve also been experiencing increased paresthesias and spasticity in my lower extremities.

Dealing with either one of these issues would certainly be very challenging; dealing with the combination of them is overwhelming. I find myself feeling very depleted this evening, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It certainly doesn’t help that I recently found out that my monthly disability benefits will soon stop. All of my chronic illnesses remain, obviously. Just because I have been able to resume working on a part-time basis doesn’t eradicate this stark reality.

1 thought on “Multiple Health Challenges”

  1. it’s a shame that there can’t be a more equitable solution, even a sliding scale. Would Sen. Shumer or Sen. Gillibrand be in a position to intervene?


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