Snow Day

The weather here is extremely wintry! We have about fifteen inches of additional snow; it’s also very windy, creating whiteoutc onditions. Consequently, the school where I teach Advanced Placement high school students was closed for the day.

I used the morning off of teaching to write the second examination for my General Psychology students. I again wrote fifty multiple-choice questions. Due to my students’ February break, in addition to this snow day, I’ll need to adjust the course syllabus for the remainder of this semester.

All day today, I’ve been struggling with increased shortness of breath again. I really need to finish teaching this semester before I can travel to the Cleveland Clinic for my next dilatation surgery. I really don’t want to have my next dilatation surgery with my local ENT, since it will only delay my eventual reception of a tracheal re-section.

I’m still awaiting the delivery of my Vumerity. I’m tremendously relieved that a grant has covered the entire cost of this exorbitantly expensive medication. I am concerned, of course, about the extent to which I’ll be able to tolerate Vumerity’s side effects. Time will tell.

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