Feeling Short of Breath

This morning, I’m noticing that I’m feeling slightly more short of breath, with only minimal exertion. This isn’t terribly unexpected, after all.

To date, I’ve had nineteen throat dilatation surgeries for my idiopathic subglottic stenosis. My most recent surgery was last April, nearly ten months ago.

All things considered, I’ve been doing relatively better. Previously, I was only able to go six months between dilatation surgeries.

I suspect that the Aubagio I had been taking was making a difference, due to its immunosuppressant effects. Plus, I’ve been taking an anti-inflammatory supplement each day for the past few months.

I really need to finish teaching my advanced placement General Psychology class before I receive my next dilatation surgery. I intend to have this surgery performed at the Cleveland Clinic, rather than by my local ENT.

I still intend to eventually have a tracheal re-section, despite my fears about the risks associated with this more aggressive surgical procedure. I’ll plan to have this surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, too.

It’s a tremendous challenge to juggle the management of multiple chronic illnesses. Right now, I’m midway through the washout protocol for Aubagio. After I complete this protocol, I’ll start taking Vumerity for the management of my relapsing-remitting MS.

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