Vumerity Approval

This afternoon, I spoke with a specialty pharmacist about starting Vumerity. I’ll complete a starter pack, before I take the full dose.

I found out today that I received a grant for the cost of Vumerity. The out-of- pocket expense for this immunosuppressant is $88,000 per year!

I was informed that I might experience facial flushing with taking this medication. I was warned to take this medication with food, a mixture of good fats and protein, to minimize any potential side effects.

I’m currently on Day 5 of my Aubagio washout protocol. I’ll finish all eleven days of this medication washout before starting Vumerity.

Once I start taking Vumerity, I’ll require blood work every three months. It’ll be important to monitor my white blood cell count, which can be lowered by Vumerity. My neurologist will also keep close tabs on my liver enzymes.

Having “failed” at taking Copaxone, as well as Aubagio, I really hope that I will be able to tolerate Vumerity. I was scheduled to have my next brain/spinal cord MRI in May, but my appointment has been moved up to March.

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