Aubagio Washout

This weekend, I started the eleven-day protocol for the washout of Aubagio from my system.

I’m starting this protocol with a lower dose of Questran (4 mg.) for the first couple of days. So far, this elimination protocol has been tolerable. I’ve only had some mild abdominal pain.

I fully expect that I might have somewhat more severe symptoms during the remainder of the washout, since my Questran dose will be doubled. I expect to resume this elimination procedure on those days that I don’t have to work, over the next ten days.

I’ve been busy this afternoon with reviewing resident’s medical records, prior to the completion of their initial psychological evaluations tomorrow. I always review residents’ pre-existing diagnoses, as well as all of their current medications, prior to meeting with them for the first time. I’m thankful that I can complete this task at home.

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