Switching Medications

This morning, I had a follow-up appointment with my neurologist. We discussed doing a washout of Aubagio, since I’m continuing to experience side effects after having stopped Aubagio.

I’ve decided to go through the ten-day protocol to washout the Aubagio in my system, despite the very unpleasant side effects associated with doing so.

My neurologist and I also discussed a wide range of treatment options for addressing my relapsing-remitting MS. At this point, she believes that I have a moderate amount of lesioning in my brain. Thankfully, my degree of brain atrophy is considered normal for my current age.

I’ve decided to start taking Vumerity. This medication is very similar to Tecfidera. We talked about the pros and cons of this recently approved medication, of course.

Having “failed” at taking both Copaxone and Aubagio, I really hope that I’ll be able to tolerate Vumerity.