Class this Morning

This morning, I taught my high school students’ Advanced Placement General Psychology class.

Essentially, I had to condense two entire semesters of information into a two-hour class period! This is extremely challenging to do.

Today’s topics were Learning and Memory. Thankfully, I have highly motivated students in this course.

I utilized a TED Talk video to provide an overview of classical conditioning and operant conditioning. I provided a crossword puzzle for students to complete after we went over the Power Point presentations devoted to learning.

After a brief break, I presented the Power Points for the chapter devoted to memory. Students were then provided with a fill-in-the-blank exercise to complete.

We ran out of time to do the Kahoot! review for their first examination, which is next week. Therefore, we’ll take the time to do this before starting the exam.

I’ve been noticing that my subglottic stenosis has been acting up this morning. This morning’s commute was very stressful, given the icy road conditions and my car alerting me that one of my tires was low in air!

This afternoon, I need to finish writing the multiple-choice questions for my students’ first examination.

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