Trying to Prepare

I’m currently in the middle of attempting to prepare for teaching an Introductory Psychology class to advanced placement high school students.

I’ve completed a preliminary syllabus, as well as a rubric for their completion of a research paper. I’m currently trying to access an Instructor’s Resource Manual for the adopted textbook. I’ll also need to have a flash drive of all of the Power Point presentations utilized for this class.

I’m both nervous and excited to be teaching Introductory Psychology to high school students. I currently have fifteen students enrolled. I’ve taught this course before, but never to high school students.

I’m amazed that my subglottic stenosis still remains very mild at this point, close to nine months after my last dilatation surgery. Typically, I’ve only been able to go six months between dilatation surgeries for the past few years. At this point, I’m only experiencing mild shortness of breath with exertion. Whatever the reasons why I’m doing this well, I’ll gladly take it.

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