Depression by Osmosis

It’s extremely challenging to be surrounded by such intense mood disorders. It’s even more difficult to do so when you’re personally struggling with increased symptoms of depression.

Today was another very challenging one to be a clinical psychologist. The majority of the residents whom I saw were extremely depressed, for a wide variety of different reasons.

This afternoon, I strongly felt depression by osmosis, so to speak. This has further cemented my interest in finding supportive outlets outside of my job.

Next Monday, I intend to go to my monthly oil painting class. I also find this creative outlet to be very therapeutic. Also next week, I’ll be attending a get-together for adjunct faculty members at a local college where I continue to teach.

This evening, I wrote my monthly column for Rochester Woman Online. I always enjoy the challenge of writing a themed submission. Given that the new year has recently begun, I decided to write about embracing change.