Now We Wait

Yesterday, I submitted a very thick packet of paperwork to the Social Security Administration. I needed to document all of my recent earnings. I submitted paystubs for my recent employment, including my teaching positions and my clinical position.

Now I wait for their decision. Will they determine that I am no longer eligible to receive disability benefits? I’m well aware that I’m not able to go back to working full-time, despite my recent employment.

Like many others, I struggled to receive disability benefits. I was initially turned down. After I secured an attorney, I was successful in obtaining disability benefits in 2016.

This is not an enviable position in which to find oneself. I am very well-educated, but I also have multiple chronic conditions.

I’m highly motivated to still work, to the extent that I am capable of doing so. However, with my earning capacity, I “hit the ceiling” of what I am allowed to earn each month much sooner than someone without a doctoral degree.

I fully expect that the amount of my monthly disability benefit will decrease. What is more ominous, however, is whether or not I’ll be able to still retain my health insurance.

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