Back to Work

Given that it’s been the holidays, I’ve been off of work for most of this week. I did return to work today, to see my caseload of nursing home residents.

Most of them reported that their Christmas was very lonely, and that they didn’t have any visitors. This was extremely sad to hear about today.

Interestingly, one of my residents has relatively recently been diagnosed with MS. During our session today, his sister and his nephew stopped by to visit him. I offered them the opportunity to ask me any questions that they might have about MS, given my concentration in this area during my doctoral training.

I’ll bet that my resident’s family members would have been extremely surprised to find out that I, too, have been diagnosed with this chronic neurological disorder. I previously decided to disclose my diagnosis of MS to this resident; he’s stated that doing so has been extremely helpful to him.

I have a very thick packet of paperwork to soon fill out for the Social Security Administration. I need to document all of my earnings since I was awarded disability benefits in 2016.

I certainly expect that my monthly disability income will be reduced as a result of my recent earnings. Nevertheless, my greatest concern is whether or not I’ll be able to retain my health insurance.

After all, I would face staggeringly high insurance premiums in order to attempt to receive health insurance elsewhere, due to my multiple chronic health issues. We’ll see what happens next.

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