Reporting Earnings

Social Security allows individuals who receive disability benefits to earn a certain amount of income, while still receiving their disability benefits. This amount is known as a Substantial Gainful Amount.

I spent several hours on the phone today, with the Social Security Administration. I needed to report income earned, both from my clinical position and the two college courses that I have taught this semester.

I personally feel that the Substantial Gainful Amount is artificially low for individuals who are highly educated. As a result of my advanced education, I hit the ceiling for what I am allowed to earn much quicker than the majority of individuals who receive social security disability benefits.

My earnings will be reported to my local Social Security Administration office. I’m looking forward to finding out how they will determine my future reception of disability benefits, based on my reported earnings.

I know that I continue to deserve to receive disability benefits, despite my having returned to work. My multiple chronic conditions are long-term, after all. I also know that I am not capable of working on a full-time basis anymore.

I do hope that I will not be penalized for being motivated enough to return to working part-time, despite having multiple chronic health issues.

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