Follow-up with Neurologist

This morning, I saw my neurologist for my six-month checkup. Thankfully, I have an outstanding specialist for the management of this chronic illness. She’s very competent, as well as compassionate. I feel very comfortable with bringing up very personal information with her, for which I am most grateful.

She mentioned the possibility of switching to a lower dose of Aubagio as a treatment consideration. I’m currently taking 14 mg. per day, but switching to a 7 mg. per day dose is an option. Of course, the higher dose is more effective for the treatment of MS.

My neurologist said that she would consult with a specialty pharmacist about whether I would be less likely to have adverse effects on a lower dose of Aubagio. I certainly don’t want to continue to deal with the adverse effects that I have been continuing to experience, primarily diarrhea and hair thinning.

I also completed my bloodwork, which includes a CBC plus liver function panel. This testing is required once a month, for the first six months of taking Aubagio. After that, bloodwork is necessary every six months.

Prior to seeing my neurologist, I completed a brief battery of standardized tests, including the nine-hole peg test and a digit symbol test. I also completed a timed 25-foot walk. My test scores have improved, relative to my previous scores.

My color sensitivity was also reassessed, as well as my perception of the degree to which MS has affected my emotional well-being and cognitive functioning.

I mentioned to my neurologist that I think that a psychiatrist should review my currently prescribed psychotropic medications, including my antidepressant. I’ve been on my current antidepressant dosage for some time at this point, and it appears to be somewhat less effective.

I don’t necessarily feel sad perse, but I have been experiencing anhedonia more frequently. This refers to a diminished ability to feel joy.

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