Return of Shortness of Breath

Right now, students in my Abnormal Psychology class are taking their final examination.

As I’ve done three days per week, since this past August, I’ve commuted a considerable distance to teach this course. As I’ve also done, I parked far out in the college’s parking lot.

By the time I reached my third floor classroom this morning, I was starting to feel short of breath. This is a painfully familiar sensation.

Thankfully, I have not needed to have a dilitation surgery this semester. Nevertheless, I expect to be making a trip to the Cleveland Clinic relatively soon.

I’ll need for my surgeon to complete another dilatation surgery, before I can receive a much riskier surgery, a tracheal re-section.

These past several days, I’ve had not so gentle reminders that I have MS, as well as an idiopathic subglottic stenosis.

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