End of Semester

This early Monday morning, I’m busy with responsibilities associated with finishing up the fall semester. I’m giving my Abnormal Psychology students their final examination today.

I’ll also need to finish a multiple-choice choice Kahoot! game for my Principles of Psychology class. I only have one more lecture to deliver for this Saturday morning class. I have to finish writing the final exam for this class, too. Plus, I have several assignments to grade for both of the classes that I have been teaching.

This past weekend, I was very busy with several Christmas activities with family. We decorated gingerbread houses, saw a children’s Christmas play at church, and attended a Christmas program at the Lancaster Opera House.

My MS symptoms were intermittently active throughout these enjoyable activities; I experienced increased numbness and tingling sensations in my legs, plus increased spasticity. I’m thankful that I will be seeing my neurologist later this week.

I also felt slightly short of breath after climbing three flights of stairs. I’ve definitely noticed increased throat clearing during the past few weeks. I’m happy that my ENT informed me that he wants to purchase my newly-published book.

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