Unexpected Depression

This morning, I find myself feeling depressed. It’s certainly not the most depressed that I have ever felt, thankfully.

I blame my current emotional state on having been diagnosed with MS. After all, depression is a primary symptom of this chronic neurological disorder. It’s somewhat difficult to express, but there are definitely times when I feel a very strong biological basis to my depressed mood.

Thankfully, I have multiple areas of blessing in my life at this point. For example, I’m truly excited about my book having recently been published.

Often, I think that depression actually reflects depletion. I am well aware that I have been pushing myself for an extensive period of time.

Today, I’m not teaching either of my classes. I’m also not seeing residents in either of the two nursing homes where I provide psychological services.

As a result, I think that I will devote today to simply relaxing.

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