Final Manuscript Submitted

This evening, I made a very important decision. I submitted the final version of my manuscript to my publisher. I have carefully incorporated all of the recommended revisions that were suggested by having my manuscript professionally edited.

I have reread through my nearly 400-page manuscript multiple times. I actually decided that it could be counterproductive to keep revising this manuscript at this point, since it might inadvertently introduce even more errors.

The recovering perfectionist within me says that this, after all, has to be good enough. Despite my very best efforts, there will almost inevitably be some mistakes that appear in my published book. I have reluctantly accepted this harsh reality.

Earlier today, I met with the dean of a local college where I teach Abnormal Psychology. We discussed my acceptance of the offer to teach a General Psychology class for the Spring 2020 semester.

It will be a hybrid course, meaning that it combines face- to-face instruction, as well as online instruction. It will involve high school students who are receiving advanced placement credit for this Introductory psychology course. I look forward to taking on this new challenge.

1 thought on “Final Manuscript Submitted”

  1. Having the professional editing as a first step was very smart. Was it similar to what you went through when completing your doctoral dissertation? I’m sure the high school students will be blessed to have you as their instructor.


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