Busy Caseload

Today, I have a very busy day ahead at the nursing home where I provide psychological services.

I’ll be seeing my full caseload of regular clients, plus completing an initial psychological evaluation for a new referral.

There certainly is considerable variety in the clients whom I see each week. One is dealing with having recently broken his leg. Another is adjusting to the role of being a patient, after an extensive career as a registered nurse.

One of my clients is a middle-aged woman who suffered a severe motor vehicle accident more than twenty years ago. Yet another client is struggling with severe depression, since his wife of more than fifty years has refused to care for him at home.

Another resident is trying to cope more effectively with multiple medical issues. One individual is considerably younger than most of the residents in the nursing home, and he is very anxious to be discharged as soon as possible.

One of my clients is a very bright woman who is very interested in pursuing homeopathic remedies for her symptoms. Another one is depressed about how her worsening arthritis has affected her ability to create craft projects for the facility’s upcoming craft show.

I enjoy the challenges associated with dealing with such a diverse range of clinical issues. Unfortunately, I’m eriencing some mild throat clearing this morning, as well as paresthesias in my lower extremities.

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