Baking and Grading

Today has been a busy, pleasant day. I’ve interspersed grading assignments with baking a caramel pecan cheesecake. I always like to first make a recipe before I bring it to a holiday gathering. This year, I’m blessed to have two Thanksgiving dinners to attend.

I’ve been very busy grading assignments for both of the courses that I teach. I’ve graded extra credit assignments for my Principles of Psychology class, as well as case study discussions for my Abnormal Psychology class. Tomorrow, we’ll be discussing schizophrenia in this class.

Thankfully, I’ve been feeling very well. My airway is currently 20% occluded, but I’m still not experiencing any shortness of breath. I have some very mild throat clearing. My MS symptoms are relatively well-controlled, too.

I think that it’s been very good for me to have been as busy as I’ve been this semester. It’s been a very healthy distraction from being overly preoccupied with my chronic illnesses.

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