Frustrating and Fulfilling Day

Today has been filled with both frustration and fulfillment. I woke up to discover that someone had hacked into my checking account. I’ll have a new debit card issued, in seven to ten days. I’ve made multiple, long phone calls today in an attempt to resolve this issue!

My morning’s commute into work was a very hairy one. The roads were slick and slippery. I drove between 35 and 40 miles per hour, the entire way into work. It was such a relief to finally get to work today!

I was very fulfilled with my work as a clinical health psychologist today. I saw eight residents on my regular caseload, plus one new referral. I felt challenged, plus deeply rewarded, by all of these sessions.

I was very relieved that my commute home was a much easier one. The roads were very well maintained.

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