Very Busy Day Ahead

Today is going to be exceptionally busy. This morning, I need to attend a faculty meeting, for one of my adjunct teaching positions. It’s a four-hour meeting.

After, I need to drive to the community college where I teach a class, to pick up an Abnormal Psychology test to grade. I allowed one of my students to take the test on a different day, since he was taking the GRE when the other students took their second examination.

After that, I need to see my regular caseload of residents at a nearby nursing home, plus complete a couple of new referrals. Of course, I’ll need to enter electronic notes for each of these sessions.

This evening, I’ll need to prepare further for tomorrow’s lecture in my Principles of Psychology class. I have already printed out multiple handouts to accompany my lecture material.

I’m very thankful for each of these opportunities. I’m especially grateful that my chronic health issues are currently well-controlled.

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