Follow-up with ENT

This morning, I had my six-month follow-up appointment with my ENT. This included having an in-office bronchoscopy.

I informed my specialist that I’ve not been having increased throat clearing, nor any shortness of breath. This is a dramatic improvement for me, since I’m usually becoming very short of breath at this point.

At this point, I am currently 20% stenosed. My ENT has decided to hold off on doing any in-office steroid injections, which would have allowed me to have additional time before needing my next dilatation surgery.

He’s aware that I sought a second opinion, for a tracheal re-section, at the Cleveland Clinic this past May. If necessary, I’ll have my next standard dilatation surgery, prior to having a tracheal re-section surgery, both at the Cleveland Clinic.

I informed my ENT that I thought that using Flovent was helping, and that my prescription Aubagio, for treating my relapsing-remitting MS, was also helping to suppress my immune system.

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