Absentminded Professor

Today is Sunday. It’s anything but a day of rest for me.

I’ve been busy with preparing a review guide for my Principles of Psychology class students’ second exam, which is next week. I recently posted this review to Blackboard for them to use.

I also just finished grading my Abnormal Psychology class students’ second examination. The majority of them did quite well. I decided to add ten points to each exam. A few students had reasonable accommodations for taking this exam, including extra time to complete this test, at the college’s testing center.

Next week, I’ll need to cancel two of my Abnormal Psychology classes. On Wednesday, I need to see my ENT for an in-office bronchoscopy. I’m really not looking forward to this procedure, which I have had dozens of times before. Thankfully, I’m not having any shortness of breath at this time.

On Friday, I need to attend a faculty meeting at the college where I teach Principles of Psychology. I’ve decided to have my students complete two Case Discussions, to compensate for my class cancellation. I have already contacted the dean about this issue.

Recently, I’ve become increasingly concerned about my absentmindedness! Just yesterday, I left my flash drive at the college where I teach Principles of Psychology. I blame this on being preoccupied with just having read, line by line, my 402-page manuscript. I’ll need to email my publisher with the changes that need to be completed.

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