Intense Morning

This morning has certainly been an intense one! It started when the electricity went out as I was taking a shower. Then, driving into work, I passed a pile of tree branches on the road. Thankfully, I left early enough for this morning’s commute in to work.

I’m giving my Abnormal Psychology class students the second part of their second examination this morning. They’re required to answer five, out of a possible seven, short-answer questions.

They are allowed to answer all questions for the possibility of extra credit. I’m allowing my students to use their multiple-choice questions, from part one of this exam, to assist them with taking the second part of this test. I consistently try to assist my students in doing well. I know that they are under a lot of pressure with taking other classes, too.

I’m so very thankful that my recent eye problems have completely resolved at this point. In addition, my recent walking difficulty was only transient. MS is a wildly unpredictable disease, that’s for sure.

Each day in November, I post one thing for which I’m grateful, via Facebook. Over the past several years, I’ve really come to appreciate the value of stopping to count my many blessings.

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