Trick or Treat

Today is Halloween. I’ve always enjoyed this holiday, for several reasons. First, it takes place during my favorite month of the year. I also enjoy seeing children dress up in their colorful costumes.

I feel like my body is tricking me, to be perfectly honest. I’m still continuing to have regular menstrual periods, despite almost being fifty-five and a half years old!

They really do leave me feeling completely exhausted, secondary to my persistent menorrhagia. I have not ruled out getting a hysterectomy in the near future.

I’ve spent most of today carefully reading my edited manuscript, line by line. I’ve found a few mistakes. At this point, I’m halfway through reading this extensive manuscript.

I contacted my publisher this afternoon, to get an idea of how long my book will be when it’s entirely finished. I suggested that I may want to publish it as two separate volumes.

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