Frightening Symptoms

This afternoon, I was meeting with a female resident at one of the nursing homes where I provide psychological services.

Halfway through our session, I began to experience some very distressing symptoms. My left lower leg began to experience numbness and tingling sensations.

These sensations persisted longer than usual. They were followed by complete numbness. I attempted to move my leg, but I was totally unable to do so.

Inside, I panicked. I was going to have to eventually walk out of this resident’s room, after all. I was meeting with a fifty-year-old resident who became a quadriplegic, following a serious motor vehicle accident. I had never disclosed any of my medical problems to her.

I stood up, anxiously attempting to walk. I informed her that my leg had simply fallen asleep, since it was apparent that I was struggling to walk.

This resident has no idea that her doctor is very much a patient, too.

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