Shrinking in Height

This afternoon, I had an annual physical, one that is required for my clinical psychologist position. It always starts with a check of one’s height and weight.

I can’t believe that I have already started to shrink in height! I honestly thought that this process would happen somewhat later during my life, as opposed to during my mid-fifties.

I received my annual flu vaccine, plus a PPD test. I’ll need to have the PPD read in two days. Both of these are requirements for continuing to work in nursing home facilities.

As a clinical psychologist, it’s very reassuring to know that I was asked about specific mental health concerns. For example, there’s a screening question about whether or not I feel safe at home.

I was also asked several questions about my mood, the very same questions that I administer to my geriatric residents. I continue to struggle with only mild depression, most thankfully.

I was asked to rate my overall health status. I endorsed “good” as my choice. Despite having been diagnosed with several chronic illnesses, I currently feel that they are all under relatively good control. I’m not currently experiencing symptoms that have disrupted my ability to perform my work responsibilities, including teaching and counseling.

I’m very thankful to have “passed” this physical for another year. I’m well aware that my health challenges could be much more severe.

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