Teaching Coach

I’m very grateful to have been offered a teaching coach for my first semester at a new local college. Although I feel very confident about my knowledge base of the subject which I am teaching, I feel less confident about my ability to teach this content area effectively.

Although I’ve completed a doctoral degree, I’ve never had even a single course in education. Being aware of content material doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be effective in teaching this content to students.

Today’s teaching environment is considerably different from that of the past. Current students are very technologically- savvy, and they expect their instructors to successfully incorporate technology in their classrooms.

I find it particularly challenging to teach Principles of Psychology, since each week involves covering a wide range of material that was stretched out over an entire semester when I was an undergraduate student.

I do supplement teaching various content areas with sharing insights that are derived from my clinical and research experiences. I’ve also made an intentional effort to have my students be actively engaged in their learning of the material presented.

Thankfully, my teaching coach has provided positive feedback about my teaching performance to date. She mentioned that she thought that I was being excessively hard on myself, too.

Actually, I’ve heard these types of comments at several different points during my life. I’ve even been hard on myself for being hard on myself!

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