Updated Treatment Plan

Every three months, I’m required to submit updated treatment plans for the residents whom I see in two nursing homes.

This requires administering assessments that measure residents’ cognitive functioning, as well as their degree of depressive symptoms.

I do notice relatively modest degrees of improvement in the residents whom I see, especially with respect to their degree of emotional distress. This is extremely gratifying.

By the way, the majority of residents whom I see are relatively cognitively intact. For some of them, I’ve begun to notice slight declines in their cognitive capacities since I’ve first starting to see them each week.

Completing these updated treatment plans caused me to think about my own progress in coping with multiple chronic conditions. I couldn’t help but wonder how another clinician might assess my relative degree of progress in coping with my medical challenges.

Would I receive a favorable rating in the areas that are most important to me? It’s really challenging to ascertain the degree to which individuals adequately cope with ongoing medical distress.

To a certain degree, it’s entirely normal to feel increased emotional distress as one’s condition deteriorates, whether temporarily, or on an extended basis.

Overall, I’d like to think that I’m coping relatively well with my medical challenges. I know, nonetheless, that there’s always room for improvement.

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