Classroom Observation

This past Saturday, I was observed by a teaching coach at a local college, where I teach Principles of Psychology.

I recently received very detailed feedback about my teaching performance from this coach. I felt very encouraged by reading her comments.

I have a strong tendency to be very hard on myself, so it’s encouraging to know that I actually am doing better than I thought.

It’s very good to know that I can soon implement the specific feedback that I received. I’m strongly motivated to become the best possible teacher that I can be.

On a more discouraging note, I’m not happy to report that I have recently begun to notice increased throat-clearing. Historically, this has been prodromal to developing increased shortness of breath.

I’m hoping that I can make it through this semester, before having yet another dilatation surgery. I’ll need to undergo an additional throat dilatation before receiving a much more aggressive surgery, a tracheal re-section.

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