Guarded Optimism

This morning, I’m reflecting about my guarded optimism about my current chronic illnesses. For now, each of them seems very well-controlled.

I’ve been able to function at a much higher level than I have been able to do so, for several years. This has been unspeakably comforting.

Nevertheless, there’s an undercurrent of questioning just how long this state of affairs might truly persist. I try not to dwell on such thoughts, but they are definitely there from time to time.

After all, MS is a notoriously unpredictable disease with which to deal. I’m confident that Aubagio will continue to decrease the degree of disability that I might develop over time. At this point, the side effects that I have experienced are tolerable.

My subglottic stenosis is usually starting to emerge at this point, five months after my last dilatation surgery. Thankfully, I’ve not been noticing any increased throat clearing, nor shortness of breath. I think that Aubagio is definitely suppressing my inflammation.

I’m well aware that a downward spiral definitely ensues when I begin to develop increased anxiety about my symptoms reemerging. I try my best to avoid having this happen.

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