Contemplating Selective Disclosure

This morning, I taught my Principles of Psychology class. It is nearly three hours long! It starts at 9 am, and despite my best efforts, I’m still not very much of a morning person.

At different times during my lecture this morning, I started to notice that my speech was slurring. This always causes me to feel extraordinarily self-conscious, which produces increased anxiety. A true downward spiral ensues. I attempt to just move on each time that this occurs, but I’m not always successful in doing so.

This afternoon, I decided to contact one of my former undergraduate professors of psychology. He has also received a MS diagnosis. I recalled that he had previously informed me that he disclosed his own MS diagnosis to his former students, when his symptoms were becoming more outwardly detectable.

He informed me about the approach that he had used to disclose his diagnosis. He kept the conversation on a light note, so that his students would be aware that he was okay with having this diagnosis.

His feedback really helped me, and I expressed my gratitude for his help. I’m seriously considering a disclosure of my own MS diagnosis in the very near future.

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