Not Really A Day Off

It’s unseasonably mild today, with strong sunshine and a gentle breeze. I have no classes to teach today, nor residents to see today.

However, it’s not really a day off. I just came back from my six-month dental checkup and cleaning. Thankfully, I continue to have very good oral health.

I’m now waiting to have my monthly bloodwork done for taking Aubagio. For the first six months of taking this medication, I need to have monthly liver function testing. So far, my liver function tests have been within an acceptable range.

Later today, I’ll need to reorder a couple of my prescriptions. Thankfully, this is easily accomplished through MyChart.

Yesterday, I downloaded Power Point presentations for my Principles of Psychology class. I still need to upload these files to Blackboard for my students .

I also accessed an instructor’s resource manual, which provided numerous options for in class assignments and exercises. After all, three hours is a very long class period to fill!

Compared to just one year ago, I’m feeling much more prepared for the multiple responsibilities associated with teaching college courses.

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