Another Week Begins

It’s Monday morning, the start of yet another very busy week. I’ll be teaching my Abnormal Psychology class this morning.

Tomorrow, I have a full caseload of residents at one of the nursing homes where I provide psychological services.

I’m busy writing my students first examination for Abnormal Psychology. It’ll be interesting to see how well they do. I’m going to have a review session for them before giving their exam.

I also need to upload several files for my Principles of Psychology course. Our first class was a success. I had the students engage in an icebreaker, where they had to pair up with another student, to discern something that they had in common. They then repeated this exercise with every other student in the class.

I did feel exceptionally fatigued yesterday. I know that I have been pushing myself very hard recently. It’s certainly not a pace that I can keep up indefinitely.

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