From Teens to Octagenarians

Today has definitely been a very interesting one. My day started by teaching my Abnormal Psychology class. The majority of the students in this class are traditionally aged.

It’s still somewhat of a challenge to actively engage these students in a lively discussion. One student, who happens to be about a decade other than the others, is very actively involved with class discussions.

Afterward, I went to one of the nursing homes where I see my regular caseload of residents. I’ve decided to discharge a couple of residents whom I’ve been seeing each week, actually.

One is a woman who repeatedly denies having any problems or concerns. She was quite irritable when I stopped to see her today, in fact. Another is a woman with Parkinson’s disease; unfortunately, her disease has progressed. She’s begun to exhibit increasing cognitive impairments.

I strongly maintain that an ethical psychologist knows when to terminate sessions with an increasingly impaired resident. It is very difficult to see residents who are experiencing progressively more severe symptoms of a chronic disease.

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