Different Year, Same Symptoms

Yesterday, I needed to fill out paperwork for a new faculty I.D. card, at the college where I’m currently teaching Abnormal Psychology. Thankfully, I was able to walk the considerable distance to the human resources office to complete paperwork for this requirement.

Despite noticing increased throat clearing, I’ve not yet begun to notice increased shortness of breath. One year ago, I needed to complete this same task, at a different college. At that time, I was struggling with severe shortness of breath upon exertion. I was gasping for air as I tried to walk across campus.

I realize that I’ll need to have yet another throat dilatation surgery before the end of this semester. Scheduling a surgery will be especially challenging this time, due to my work demands. Two days per week, I see residents at two different nursing homes. I’m currently teaching Abnormal Psychology; two weeks from today, I’ll start teaching Introductory Psychology, at a new college.

I’m still hoping that Aubagio will help suppress my idiopathic subglottic stenosis. I’m really not looking forward to having my hair thin with this medication. Nevertheless, I really do need to suppress the activity of my MS.

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