Options, Options, Options

This week, I have a delightful dilemma. There are two potential adjunct opportunities in front of me.

Next Monday, I’ll be interviewing for an adjunct psychology position with a local business school. I found out that their adjunct faculty teach day, evening, and weekend classes, at three different campuses.

Not knowing which class I would be teaching, or at which location, makes it difficult to plan my schedule. I intend to keep seeing residents at two nursing homes.

Yesterday, I received a phone call, regarding my potential interest in teaching Abnormal Psychology at a local community college. I was recommended for this position by a former professor of this same college.

I’d face a somewhat lengthy commute with accepting either of these teaching opportunities. Nevertheless, I really do enjoy teaching.

I’d much prefer to teach Abnormal Psychology again, as opposed to teaching Introductory Psychology. I found the subject matter to be particularly interesting to present.

We’ll see what happens with these new opportunities. I’m very thankful for these new opportunities.

1 thought on “Options, Options, Options”

  1. If money is not an issue, I would tend to not overdo. A farther but more predictable commute and load seems better. As is teaching what you prefer. I am a retired prof so I know whereof I speak :). Your plate is so full already.


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