Trying New App

So, I recently decided to sign up for a trial of a new app: Noom. It offers a weight management program that was developed by a team of psychologists.

You can log your daily weight, as well as each of your meals and snacks. Caloric values for hundreds of food options are automatically provided.

This app also provides a step tracker. It calculates your optimal number of steps per day, starting with a reasonable goal.

Noom provides psychological insights into how to manage multiple triggers for eating, whether they be environmental, emotional, or social. It includes important insights into the behavioral aspects of weight management.

After trying Noom for one week, I’ve come to the conclusion that I eat too much, as well as move too little. I’ve been underestimating portion sizes of many different types of foods.

My trial of Noom has caused me to become much more aware of my eating habits, as well as my activity level. The majority of my work is very sedentary in nature, so I definitely need to include more activity in my daily schedule.

I’ve decided to purchase a subscription for this app. I don’t consider it a diet. I consider it a tool for healthy weight management.

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