Reminders of MS

Yesterday was a very busy day. I worked a full day at a nursing home. After work, I prepared for today’s flea market by loading the items that I’ll be vending into my car.

Throughout the day, there were some not so subtle reminders that I have MS.

In the morning, I carried some coffee into work. Because I frequently have numbness in my hands, I happened to spill nearly an entire cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, my coffee spilled onto a pile of papers. I considered the possibility of disclosing that I have MS, to explain my clumsiness. However, I decided not to mention my diagnosis.

Later in the day, I was busy loading several boxes of merchandise into my vehicle. Today’s the first day that I will be vending my polymer clay jewelry and accessories at a nearby flea market.

I happened to fall as I crossed the door threshold. Thankfully, I wasn’t severely injured. Nevertheless, this incident brought tears to my eyes. I landed on gravel.

This fall reminded me of a much more serious fall that I sustained last summer, when I fell face forward onto gravel. It also made me think about the possibility of sustaining a serious injury by falling at some future point.

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