Financial Aspect of Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness exerts a huge impact on one’s financial status. There are multiple, long-term costs associated with the management of chronic illness.

Even with insurance, there are multiple monthly co-payments for medications that are prescribed on a long-term basis. Generic equivalents are not always available for prescription medications.

Chronic illness also has a significant impact on one’s ability to continue working. It may no longer be possible to be employed full-time. As a result, one’s financial resources are significantly depleted.

Personally, my income was drastically higher when I was previously employed full-time as a clinical psychologist. Consequently, I’ve had to adjust to a very different type of lifestyle.

Since being awarded disability benefits in 2016, I’ve returned to working, on a part-time basis. There are very strict limits on the monthly amount that I am allowed to earn.

It’s important to remember that symptoms of many chronic illnesses, especially those that are autoimmune in etiology, are exacerbated by stress. Obviously, having inadequate financial resources is extremely stressful.

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