Astronomical Co-payment

I just phoned my local pharmacy, regarding my new prescription for Aubagio. I was absolutely stunned to find out that the retail cost for a one-month supply of this medication is $8,554!

The pharmacist with whom I spoke suggested that I phone SilverScript, my prescription medication coverage plan, to see what my specific co-payment would be, given that I have Medicare coverage.

Aubagio, of course, is a relatively new medication for MS. There’s no generic version of it available at this time.

1 thought on “Astronomical Co-payment”

  1. I am on Aubagio now also. That is the whole cost, not the copay, I thought. MS One To One is a program sponsored by I assume the maker. For now they are covering the copay for me. Mine would have been hundreds. 855.676.6326.


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