Another Medical Appointment

I feel like I have a full-time job seeing healthcare providers. There never seems to be a break in completing medically-related tasks.

This morning, I needed to complete a pre-operative exam with a nurse practitioner, for my upcoming gynecological surgery. I’ll be having an endometrial polyp removed, on July 1.

I had additional bloodwork done, plus an EKG. I also received an order for an x-ray, which needed to be completed at a nearby hospital.

In addition, I also needed to phone SilverScript Choice, my Medicare prescription medication coverage plan, to pay my monthly premium.

I feel so very tired right now, with continued back pain, as well as persistent menorrhagia. Nevertheless, I’m off to see the full caseload of residents whom I see at a nursing home. None of them are even aware that their doctor is also a patient.

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