Guided Imagery and Back Pain

This afternoon, I’m suffering from moderately severe pain, in the middle of my back. It’s really disrupting the majority of my plans for today.

I really have a lot of phone calls to make, both related to work, as well as my job. I need to verify that all of the necessary information is in place for the new referrals that I’ve been given, at the newest nursing home where I provide psychological services.

I need to phone my gynecologist’s office, about Medicare authorization for my upcoming surgery. I also need to schedule my sleep evaluation study.

I requested refills for a couple of my long-term medications. I’m so thankful that I can easily do this online.

Pain has a way of dominating your attention. It powerfully shifts your focus from tasks to which you need to attend. Several years ago, I was the director of psychological services for a multidisciplinary pain clinic.

I’m attempting to employ guided imagery this afternoon, as a means of pain management. I truly believe that this is a very effective modality for moderating the severity of pain experienced.

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