Shrinking Social Circle

Not unlike the overwhelming majority of those who are living with chronic illness, I’ve experienced a shrinking social circle.

Experiencing limited energy, on a continued basis, creates enormous challenges for maintaining social activities. Factor in all of the additional tasks that are required to manage a chronic illness, and someone with chronic illness has precious little time to devote to socialization.

Others may eventually grow weary of having someone with chronic illness repeatedly cancel plans. Consequently, such invitations may dwindle over time.

In the absence of overtly disclosing one’s personal medical challenges, adequate health is typically assumed if one looks healthy on the outside. This situation poses unique challenges for those who don’t have outward indications of being chronically ill.

Thankfully, online support groups offer a much-needed avenue for “socializing” with others. They are especially helpful for those individuals who have been diagnosed with relatively rare conditions.

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