Parallel Process with Patient

Today, I met with one of the residents who is on my regular caseload at a nearby nursing home. Since I had last seen her, she’s developed an upper respiratory infection.

She looked so very sick, as well as expressed that she felt deeply discouraged. I listened to her exclaim that “it’s just one thing after another.”

Truer words were never spoken. This resident has multiple chronic conditions. So does her clinician. I’ve never disclosed any of my health challenges to her, however.

Right now, I’m trying to gear myself up for re-initiating an immunosuppressant medication, to treat my relapsing-remitting MS. I’m also preparing to have surgery for a uterine polyp that was incidentally discovered by my gynecologist. I’m also already experiencing increased throat clearing, less than two short months since my last dilatation surgery.

Yes, today was yet another installment of experiencing a parallel process with my patient. I’ve happened to experience literally dozens of these same instances over the years.

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